>You’re purring now. Which sounds really odd to you since it amplifies through the hole in your face.

The whole eradicating the world of evil thing is tough business. But it’s got its adrenaline moments I suppose.

>You lay him down before changing into your comfortable wear. Which really is just a pair of really old plaid sleep pants.

>Plop down next to him.

I like being around you Zander. I don’t have to play the role as an intimidating monster when I’m with you.

» You roll around happily while he changes. When he comes back you stop.

» You cuddle up to him and nuzzle his chest, getting comfortable.

You never intimidated me, except maybe the day you got me.

But I know you’re not a monster, you’re a Vaetis, which is way better.

» You purr and kiss his nose.

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October is a big month for tumblr.

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>Your fin wiggles. Oh jeez it tickles.

Yeah. I have a mountain of pillows and blankets.

>You carefully slide into your room, using your foot to close the door behind you.

Sometimes I lay in here and pretend like life doing what I do is easier.

» You smile and nuzzle his neck, purring.

that sounds fun

» Start kissing his neck a couple times.

» You frown slightly when you think about how hard his life really must be. You look at him for a moment and peck his lips.

i’m sorry everything is so hard, you dont deserve any of it

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>You watch him. You were used to being hiveless- The only home you ever knew was very, very far away… But you were an adult. Even as a mutant in hiding, you could survive… But a kid like this? He couldn’t be hiveless.. could he?

>You lean down so you’re eye to eye with him.

… Do you have a lusus? Or a hive?

» You wiggle in your seat.


» You’re referring to your very small possum lusus that sometimes follows you around or sleeps in boxes, she’s usually playing dead though.

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>Once again with that stupid grin.

Lets get somewhere more comfortable hm?

It’s cold as hell in here.

>With that you scoop him up, smile widening as you do.

» You squeak when you’re picked up, clinging to him.


» You think of your stuffed animals and fluffy blankets, but maybe he has a nice bed too.

» You absent mindlessly nibble on his fin gently, in thought.

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>You only get upset when he stops. Which is easily cured when you pull his face back up to yours, one hand cupping his cheek, the other wrapped around his waist.

>When you finally cut the kiss, you wipe the drool seeping from your fucked up face.

Sorry got a bit uh..carried away there..

» You’re surprised when he moves to continue the kiss. But you don’t object at all. You happily kiss him, and you don’t care about how bad either of you are at doing it.

» You blink and giggle, shaking your head.

don’t be sorry, it’s my first kiss, and it was really good! i promise!

» You purr and kiss his nose.

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.. Here. You want some food?

>Geeze, this kid was young. You hold out the basket of fries, being quiet and still, watching him. You notice him.. shiver? You weren’t sure, but you had thought lowbloods were warm. You still had a lot to learn about the world.

You can sit with me if you want.

» You nod and bounce on your feet, taking some fries and stuffing them in your mouth.

» You make your way closer to the bench, grabbing it and doing your best to climb up onto it, nearly falling off.

» You lick your fingers when you finish the fries.

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>You give your ugly grin. It looks REALLY stupid since you’re missing like half a cheek.

That means a lot to me.

>You go for a lip kiss but hesitate for a moment. He’ll think that’s gross. And you’ll probably drool a lot.

» You frown when he stops going for the kiss, you slip your hand through his hair and pull him forward just a bit, kissing him yourself instead.

» You have an underbite, neither of you probably kiss well.

» But this is your first kiss, you fucking nerd. And it’s great.

» You pull away slowly, your face pink and hot, you hide your face on his shoulder in embarrassment.

» You wrap your legs around his waist, since you’re sitting on a bench and he’s standing.

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>You loop your arms around him, pressing into him and sighing.

I should have bitten him. I could have. 

>Rest your head on his shoulder and sigh once more. You didn’t realize how much this hurt you. But you know you can’t break. Not again. You can only pick your head back up, and slaughter those who try to hurt you.

I didn’t ever want to see you hurt. I will do everything in my power to keep you safe, Zander. 

You’re as much part of this family as anyone else in this hive. 

» You immediately hug him back, purring and nuzzling his cheek.

» Your eyes feel heavy but you’re not tired, it’s probably the medicine. You don’t want to sleep.

» You take a deep breath, taking in the smell of his shirt, it helps calm you down and your tail slightly wags.

» Kiss his cheek.

it’s okay, vaetis.

i know i am.

» You force back a yawn, you’re not tired! And you’re not going to sleep.

» You remember what he said earlier, your cheeks blushing slight pink and a small smile making its way onto your face.

i love you too, for reals.

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>Once you got him seated with his tail on the bench, you think.


>Remove your overshirt and hand it to him. You still have your sweater.

You can put that on when I’m through. 

>You remove the bandages and fetch your tools that have been left soaking in solution. 

>Looking at these bites fill you with resentment toward Cherry. 

>You address the deeper ones first, cleaning them and “borrowing” skin from one of your samples. It’s lifeless tissue that could easily replace this. Once you’ve stitched it in, you repeat the process a few more times.

The deeper ones are covered. So you won’t bleed as badly. I’m going to have to replace the bandages every couple of days, and after you bathe.

>You then address the smaller ones. These aren’t as bad. You clean them and patch them up.

>Once everything is said and done, you wrap the tail back up in new bandages.

>This process lasts almost an hour. You work fairly quickly.

There. I’ll also give you some pain medicine the first couple of nights so that you won’t hurt as badly.

>Clean your hands off and sigh. You didn’t think you’d ever have to see Zander on that bench. At least its not in the way you have dayterrors about.

» You watch carefully as he works on the tail, whimpering when he undoes the bandages. Your eyes fill with tears seeing the gross holes in your tail, looking away.

» You can faintly tell he’s sewing up the bites with something, but you don’t look. You don’t want to see. You’r not into gross stuff.

» You fiddle with the hem of your underskirt instead, keeping your hands busy.

» While he’s washing his hands, you try and undress. It takes a lot of effort because of your shakey hands and numbness, but you manage, sort of. You pull on his overshirt and wipe your face with your dirty clothes, so you don’t get pink tears on his. You set your clothes beside you and sniffle.

» Pain medicine is sure to make you off balance, perhaps loopy, hopefully it’s not too bad.

» When he’s done washing up, you hold out your arms to him.

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